Here is a list of organizations to follow:

Amnesty International


Center for Global Development

Clinton Global Initiative

Enough: A Project of the Center for American Progress

Human Rights Watch

International Rescue Committee

Man Up

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence


Oxfam International

RAINN: The Rape Abuse and Incest National Network

Refugees International

Save the Children


Stop Violence Against Women

The International Campaign to Stop Rape and Gender Violence in Conflict

UN Women

UNIFEM: United Nations Development Fund for Women


Women for Women International

Women Thrive Worldwide

Women Under Siege

Women’s Refugee Commission

World Pulse

Recommended Reading:

Mighty Be Our Powers by Leymah Gbowee. Ms. Gbowee tells her story about life in Liberia during the reign of Charles Taylor. She writes with brutal honesty about her personal struggles for her own empowerment and the challenges she faced to organize the women’s movement that played a large role in the end of the civil war.

Yes Means Yes! by Jaclyn Friedman and Jessica Valenti. This anthology envisions a world where our common conceptions of rape are replaced with a genuine understanding and respect for women.

Dancing in the Glory of Monsters by Jason K. Stearns. Stearns has spent years covering the conflict in Congo and writes with a deep understanding of the very complicated and atrocious war that is occurring within its borders and targeting Congo’s women.

More to come …

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