For the women of the world. May injustice cease.

The mission of 4WomenWorldwide is to raise awareness about violence against women, in the United States and across the globe.

The issues of sexual assault and domestic violence are often met with the question, “what can I do?”

The answer: We can talk about it.

Education is the first step to engage a community to change its attitudes and beliefs. Violence against women is an issue that many would prefer to leave untouched, because it is uncomfortable and difficult.

But we can’t make an impact on an issue without talking about it – and that’s raising awareness; and that’s what I hope 4WomenWorldwide will do for you. Here, you will find stories that are heart wrenching and empowering. But they are all part of the movement to stop the violence against women and girls.

Become a part of the conversation. Help us raise awareness. Be a part of the movement, be a part of the story. The violence must stop.

Awareness is education; education leads to action; action leads to change. 

My name is Michelle Seyler and I would love your feedback.  Please email me at 4womenww@gmail.com with any comments, stories, or to connect.

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