Beauty Has Nothing to do With It

“You are too ugly to be raped.” That’s what the man in the video below overheard a stranger say to a woman on a bus.

And he responded with this:


You are too ugly to be raped.

You are too ugly to be raped?

Statements like these leave me speechless. Almost.

If I had a chance to speak to this stranger, I would say this:

Your insult is like a punch in the stomach that takes away my ability to breath, think, move.

Your cowardice is a plague that has taken over our society and permeates every crevice.

Your ignorance is what leads us to blame women for their actions when they are raped or beaten.

I’m not done.

“Her beauty had it coming.” These despicable beliefs, these myths, continue to spiral out of control and affect the next generation as they enter their formative years.

Rape is not about attraction. It’s about power and control; it’s about the perpetrator’s actions, not the victim’s.

Eighty percent of rape victims know their attacker.

Women are raped by their partners.

They are raped by “friends.”

They are raped when they are 11 and they are raped when they are 80.

Beauty has nothing to do with it.

In moments like this, I have a hard time knowing how to respond, what to write, what to say. But when I am able to power through my own speechlessness, I can only come to one conclusion: this discussion isn’t over.

The reason 4WomenWorldwide exists is to raise awareness, and it is precisely for individuals like this stranger on the bus. Until these myths are dispelled, until men and women understand why rape happens and place the blame appropriately on that of the perpetrator, our work is not done.

For now, that is all I can say. Thanks for reading and, as always, pass it on.

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