Where we Are and What we Need: Updated thoughts on International Women’s Day.

Dedicated readers, happy International Women’s Day!! In the wake of One Billion Rising and President Obama signing into law the Violence Against Women Act, there is much to celebrate this year. (For a short history on International Women’s Day, click here.)

This morning, I followed my normal routine: I woke up, made coffee, and curled up in my chair by the window to read the headlines before my morning run. I was surprised to see so many news stories focusing on violence against women, then soon realized that it was the media’s effort to participate in this day. As grateful as I was to see these stories “above the fold” as it were, I also felt my intrigue drop when I realized the media wasn’t covering these as top stories because they felt they deserved the spotlight; they were written for International Women’s Day.

In an ideal world, violence…

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