Tomorrow, We Rise!

For months, I have been waiting with cautious elation, and dance-ready feet, for the opportunity to rise, dance, sing, and move in solidarity with our sisters around the world.

The 15-year anniversary of Eve Ensler’s movement, V-Day, will be celebrated with an event you have likely heard of: One Billion Rising.

What is its message? To finally stop violence against women.

The movement even has an anthem: “Break the Chain!” (it’s worth a watch, and might make you want to dance ;)).

But, unlike the common framework of this issue, Ms. Ensler is asking us to dance and sing, to rise together with one voice and say we’ve had enough. Instead of feeling defeated by the issues, this February the 14th, we are standing up tall, with joy and in celebration, to shake the earth and make a change.

There isn’t much one can say about the beauty of this movement that hasn’t been said. But, I will encourage you to watch Ms. Ensler’s latest video posted below, where she expresses her gratitude and passion as only she can:

And if you haven’t already, you can find an event near you here, or read more about the movement here.

Thanks for reading and, as always, pass it along.

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