A Worthy Cause this Holiday Season

Hello to my dedicated followers! The craziness that was this last semester is coming to a close and I am very excited to turn my focus back to my blog. I have some great new stories coming your way. Here’s a new, albeit short (I am still in finals) post about the holidays, charity, and a worthy cause.

It’s that time of year again.  With the constant chatter about the economy looming in the background, charities are doing all they can to bring in some extra donations during this holiday season. Whether you want to give generously for nothing in return, or you want to buy a present for someone that also benefits a charity, it’s always important to investigate first.

While procrastinating on Twitter last night, I stumbled upon Sevenly, an organization that designs shirts and sweaters for charities and sells them at a profit for a featured organization. It’s a genius idea that not only bolsters funds but also raises awareness by featuring a new cause each week.

This week’s spotlight is The Girl Effect, a non-profit that empowers girls to determine their future in countries where it is almost always determined for them. Instead of boring you with description, I will direct you to the genius video that explains it all. It’s a worthy cause and a great t-shirt that can be a gift for a woman or a man. One of my friends will certainly  be getting one 🙂

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