Calling All Men: A UN Challenge

I am very much of the philosophy that the single most overlooked ingredient in the women’s movement is the inclusion of men. How can we expect to change the landscape without working with those who define it?

We can’t.

See my post for an example of one man who is taking a stand.

This idea is catching on. Most recently, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon launched a campaign challenging men aged 18 to 25, to design a t-shirt campaign to end violence against women.

This campaign is part of the greater UN agency, UNiTE, created in 2008 to eliminate all forms of violence and discrimination against women and girls. Check out this quick video for more information:

This is an issue that permeates every country, every person, every man, woman and child. It is imperative that men engage; it is imperative that men understand the importance of their role.

So imperative that the Secretary-General of the UN is asking for submissions from men; men who wish to take part in the conversation that is working to combat these issues.

To participate and learn more click here. And, as always, pass it along.

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