Crisis in the Horn of Africa: What You Can Do

In the midst of what has been an incredibly busy and inspiring summer, I have regrettably had little time to write new posts. So for those hangers on who are still reading, thank you! And for any new readers, welcome. There is always more to come.

This story is one you have likely heard in the news. No, it’s not the debt ceiling, although I would *almost* not blame you if this was the only story you heard over the last few weeks.

No, this story crosses the Atlantic and includes Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, and Djibouti. In these four developing nations, a drought has gripped the region and is exposing 11 million people to the risks of starvation and malnutrition.

Courtesy of CARE: Newly arrived refugees from Somalia wait to be registered at the camp in Dadaab, Kenya.

The current drought and food crisis in the horn of Africa is the worst in the world today and the worst drought in the last 60 years. On-going conflict in Somalia is driving tens of thousands over the border into Kenya.

But the reality is that the refugee camps don’t have enough resources for the inhabitants. Up to 1,500 new refugees are arriving at camps daily, 80 percent of whom are children. Many are so weak and malnourished that they can barely move. Others are traumatized at having lost loved ones.

Experts see no near end to this crisis. But you can help by donating to organizations like CARE or Oxfam. And pass the word along. Every little bit helps.

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