Education = “Huru”

It’s a struggle, sometimes, doing this law school thing. Especially during the summer when gallivanting in the sun is vastly more appealing than reading evidence rules.

Tonight, when I decided to close the books for the evening, I ran across a tweet that put my whining into perspective.

“Did your school have a girls’ bathroom?” it inquired. “How about feminine pads?”

Then a link to a video, apparently created by high school aged boys in New York, told me the story of an incredible non-profit in Kenya, called Huru. Check it out, it’s only a couple minutes:

Huru, which means freedom in Swahili, began in 2008 with the goal of ensuring that all girls have the necessary tools to lead healthy, productive, and self-sufficient lives.

Food Over Education

Access to education in the developing world is an on-going challenge, particularly for girls. Families are often forced to choose between sending children to school or buying food. Many children are forced to work in an effort to support the family and school soon becomes a distant memory.

But there is another challenge that touches girls exclusively: access to sanitary napkins.

In Kenya, 1 in 10 girls miss school because of their periods.

Many choose not to attend because they can’t afford the necessary products and they are forced to use clothing or blankets as an alternative.

$25 KitsĀ 

Huru is already changing the lives of many girls in Kenya who find themselves in this situation. To date, it has distributed 15,299 kits. Each allows a girl to go to school for over a year.

One recipient told Huru, “I’m free, you know. I’m not embarrassed.”

And another: “It has helped me because now I’m in school everyday.”

It is hard to imagine not being able to afford such seemingly simple necessities. But to have that harsh reality also be the reason one cannot gain an education is untenable.

Check out Huru and consider giving a modest gift. It could quite literally change a girl’s life.

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