Fleeing to Tunisia For Safety

She entered the country with refugee papers. With everything but one eye covered, she hopes to find safety within the borders of Tunisia.

Since my last post about Eman al-Obeidy, I’ve been trying to piece together the next chapter in her story. And today, some answers were finally revealed.

Eman caught the attention of the world in March when she burst into a hotel conference room filled with foreign reporters to tell of the brutal rape she endured at the hands of Ghaddafi’s men.

But today she is telling a new story. CNN reports that she fled Libya for Tunisia on Thursday and, with the help of some Libyan military officials, did so safely.

Eman still fears that Libyan officials will find her in Tunisia – but at least she is safe for now.

When asked whether she wants to talk with her family, she says quickly, “of course.” Though she does not know her next step, she is hoping the worst is over.

The legal system is Libya is less than sufficient and CNN reports her case has gone virtually no where. We can only hope that worldwide attention will force action on behalf of the prosecutor.

In the meantime, and more importantly, at least Eman is safe. For now.

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