Weekly Wrap Up: March 13, 2011

New Media Revolutionizing Human Rights

As the advancements in technology continues its sprint into the future, more organizations are bringing its benefits to the developing world. There are countless ways that technology can assist with human rights violations, but one organization, Witness, this week unleashed their “Cameras Everywhere” initiative designed to do just that.

“More video means greater opportunities for people to see human rights video, but one aspect is that it also means more risks if people aren’t careful about protecting their privacy, and that of people they film,” reports the Witness blog. Read the full post here.


I reported earlier this week on the CARE Conference held in Washington, D.C. There are many stories that I wish I had time to highlight but, alas, time is not endless. But I am deeply inspired and enlightened by CARE’s “Mythbusters” report that tells the incredible stories of women who are proving stereotypes wrong. Here are some of the myths the organization is helping women overcome:

  • A Woman’s Place is in the Home
  • Women’s Empowerment Comes at the Expense of Men
  • Women Can’t be Trusted with Money
  • Girls Can’t do Math or Science

Read the full report here.

Women Leaders in Middle East Protests

As the tragedy in Japan dominates news coverage, the Middle East turmoil continues to rage on. Al-Jazeera reported last week the leading roles women have played and are playing in these historical revolutions. Unlike the western stereotypes of women in Muslim countries, women in Egypt and Tunisia in particular are taking the lead – on Facebook, on the news and even in leadership positions. Read the incredible story here.

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