Weekly Wrap Up: February 6, 2011

Egyptian Protests

The news coming out of Egypt is non-stop and dominating the headlines in a way that international news rarely does. There are millions of personal stories that can be told: the double amputee who still has the courage and perseverance to make it to Tahrir Square and raise his voice; the pregnant woman who decided to rally for the sake of her unborn son. But in this country where men and women holding hands is not allowed, women are standing alongside their male Egyptian counterparts without being told to do otherwise. It’s a remarkable and perhaps historic shift. Click the here for full story.

Teen Dating Violence

February is teen dating violence awareness month and President Obama released a Presidential Proclamation to call upon communities, schools, parents, family, and friends to help prevent this often over-looked issue. Each year, one in four teens report being a victim of physical, emotional, verbal, or sexual abuse. The Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women has resources for teens and families. For the proclamation and resources, click here.

“What’s Behind the Drive to Redefine Rape in New and Insane Ways?”

The above headline was published in The Huffington Post in response to the House bill, “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” that sought to exempt abortions from health insurance plans. Oh, right. Except in the case of “forcible” rape. Public outcry against the use of this definition has since made this particular issue moot (the drafters removed the word “forcible”). However, the bill itself still has many a feminist and pro-choice advocate up in arms. Click here for The Huffington Post article or here for what remains controversial in the bill.

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