Weekly Wrap Up: February 27, 2011

International Call: Gaddafi Must Go The UN Security Council voted unanimously Saturday to impose sanctions on Libya because of¬†Muammar Gaddafi’s orders to violently attack protestors. The Council backed an arms embargo and asset freeze and referred Gaddafi to the International Criminal Court for alleged crimes against humanity. While his regime still controls Tripoli, the eastern […]

“You Have to Fight for Your Freedom”

Last night, a woman in Libya risked her life, called CNN’s Anderson Cooper, and pleaded for help. The Big Picture It’s impossible not to hear about the protests that are currently sweeping the Middle East and Africa. Libya in particular has the news pundits talking up a storm. There are many good reasons: the country’s […]

Afghan Women’s Shelters At Risk

A draft resolution of the Afghan government threatens the safety and rights of women seeking refuge in the country’s shelters, Human Rights Watch (HRW)¬†said this month. The main provision would allow the government to take control of Women’s Protection Centers, nearly all of which are currently operated by non-governmental organizations or the United Nations. While […]

Weekly Wrap Up: February 20, 2011

First, Some Thoughts This afternoon, a friend and I are going to attend a V-Day event in Washington, D.C. The show, called A Memory, a Monologue, A Rant, and a Prayer, is the work of Eve Ensler and is similar to the Vagina Monologues. It is modeled after the book with the same title that […]

Congo’s Greatest Resource: Empowered Women

With high spirits, song, dance, and drums, women in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo celebrated last weekend and wore black t-shirts that read, “stop the rape of our most precious resource.” Even more remarkable, the apathetic Congolese government sent a high-level delegation of officers and peacemakers as security, a spectacle that lined the streets with […]

Weekly Wrap Up: February 6, 2011

Egyptian Protests The news coming out of Egypt is non-stop and dominating the headlines in a way that international news rarely does. There are millions of personal stories that can be told: the double amputee who still has the courage and perseverance to make it to Tahrir Square and raise his voice; the pregnant woman […]