Weekly Wrap Up: January 30, 2011

This is the first post of what I plan to be many in my new series, the Weekly Wrap Up. Each week, I will briefly highlight some of the stories I did not cover in depth and provide links to news articles. Happy reading!

Egyptian Protests

It is hard to miss this story in the news. Egyptians are taking issue with their government’s policies and swarming the streets in what some are calling a revolution. This is no small story for Middle East politics, partly because Egypt is the most populous Islamic state. And as the Daily Beast reports, women are protesting alongside men, some with children in tow. Click here for an account of why Egypt matters.

Rawandan Rebel in Court for War Crimes

Callixte Mbarushimana, a Rawandan rebel leader, appeared at the International Criminal Court this week accused of “spreading terror” in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is officially charged with five counts of crimes against humanity including rape, murder, torture, inhuman acts and persecution, and destruction of property. Though he has yet to enter an official plea, he claims no involvement in these atrocities. Click here for the whole story.

New Attacks in Darfur

While the international community was focused on the referendum in southern Sudan, the situation in Darfur began to deteriorate. Human Rights Watch reports that the patterns of violence mirror those of years past with no indication of abating. Click here for the full report.

Rape Kit Backlog

I reported in September about the rape kit backlog in this country that is particularly startling in states like Texas and California. This challenge has not improved in Texas where Ms. Anders, a specialist with the Texas Advocacy Project that provides free legal services to rape and domestic abuse victims, says that change would be costly but is worth every penny. Click here for the full story.

A New African State?

With 99 percent of Sudanese voting for succession, it looks like the mainly Christian south will soon be its own sovereign nation. The international community is still concerned that the north will retaliate and intense diplomatic pressure will likely continue on the President to respect the results of the vote. Click here for my first post about the Sudan referendum or here for the BBC News article.

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