Update: Mutware Arrested

I wanted to follow up on my last post that discussed the latest mass rape in Congo. Kibibi Mutware and seven soldiers were arrested on allegations that they were involved in the attack, according to the United Nations. He is accused of leading the rape of over 50 women.

Mutware was arrested by Congolese military officials during a peacekeeping visit to Fizi. He denies all charges and maintains that the soldiers were disobeying orders when these crimes were committed.

The BBC reports that the assaults were launched after a soldier shot a civilian, allegedly because of a fight over a woman. Al Jazeera reports it a little differently.

Madnodge Mounoubai, a spokesman for MONUSCO, the UN mission in DRC, said the atrocities had been committed after a drunken soldier got into a dispute.

“A soldier in a bar got somehow drunk and he fired and shot at a civilian,” he told Al Jazeera on Wednesday.

“He [the civilian] was taken to the hospital. The people thought that he was dead, so they turned against this soldier and actually they killed him.

“After he got killed, his colleagues heard that he was killed and they came and went on a rampage in the village. They started to loot the village, to loot the stores and to rape the women.”

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