Welcome to 4WomenWorldwide!

I’m glad you are visiting.  It is my hope that with this blog I will bring attention to the issues women face around the globe.  Though they are not the same in gravity they are often similar in their injustice.  This is not about feminism.  This is about raising awareness about one simple, indisputable fact: women are still marginalized around the world.  Yes, even in the good old USA.  So take a journey with me.  Read the news; follow their stories.  There is hope and awareness and trauma and tragedy.  All it takes is paying attention but many don’t see what I see.  So I will paint a picture with the intention of simply shedding a new light on the realities that many do not, or choose not, to face.  And with that I say, let us forge a new reality for women worldwide!

7 thoughts on “Welcome to 4WomenWorldwide!

  1. Very moving, it hits close to home for me and many other women i know. Doing somthing about is the only thing we can do!, love you shelly you are an amazing women

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