Tune In: SVU on the Rape Kit Backlog

This is part two in a series of articles that will explore the issues surrounding violence against women in America. In part one of this series, I briefly outlined some of the appalling statistics about sexual assault and domestic violence in this country.  As it often happens, I had an idea percolating for part two […]

MDG Summit: Binoculars on the Positive

There is much that could be discussed about the UN’s Summit this week in New York to review the progress of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).  In my post Tuesday, I (briefly) outlined what the MDGs are, where we stand on the long road to achieving them, and articulated a final, and perhaps the most […]

Millenium Development Goals: An Overview

World leaders are gathering in New York City September 20th through 22nd to evaluate the progress of the United Nation’s millennium development goals (MDGs) that were first outlined in 1990.  Because the UN isn’t known for its advertising, I thought an overview of the MDGs would be helpful.  You can click on each topic heading […]

Painted Broadly: Violence Against Women at Home

This is part one in a series of articles that will explore the issues surrounding violence against women in America. It is perhaps too often the impression of Americans that injustices such as violence against women are battles fought mainly on the shores of other nations; that within our borders, women have it easy.  Certainly, […]

On This Anniversary, a Different Story

When tragedy strikes, it is often easier to get angry and lash out at the universe than to acknowledge and grieve the inevitable pain.  September 11, 2001 is a date that struck lightening into the core of every American.  On this ninth anniversary, one fraught with headlines of Koran burning and Mosque demonstrations, it is […]

Rape in Congo: UN Admits Failure

I was hoping to have an uplifting, empowering story for my second post in an effort to show that I am not only going to focus on the tragic and heart wrenching but also on stories of empowerment and triumph.  That plan was crushed when, at about 12:30 a.m. September 8th, I went onto the […]

In India, Further Trauma for Victims

As a law student, I am constantly looking to glean insight into the laws of other countries, particularly those that affect women’s rights.  While perusing the website of Human Rights Watch, one of the world’s leading organizations that monitors human rights violations globally, I came across an article that turned my stomach: “India: Prohibit Degrading […]